Enlarge your house; build an addition
Spread out your home, and spare no expense! For you will soon be bursting at the seams. 
Your descendants will occupy other nations and resettle the ruined cities.

- Isaiah 54:2-3



GraceLife Church began with four families worshipping in a living room until its public launch on Palm Sunday, 2006. From that Sunday at Webster University, to a set-up, tear-down location at Polo Road Elementary, to our current leased warehouse space, GraceLife began with a vision to KNOW GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, and REACH OUR WORLD.


Since then, we’ve celebrated 112 baptisms and at least 182 salvations, and we’ve experienced countless stories of lives changed, marriages restored, and people finding new life in Christ. GraceLife has grown on average over 33% each year for the past 5 years! In 2015 alone, GraceLife has grown 40%.


We want to see God do greater things in the years to come. If God can do this, in a low visibility warehouse, think of what He will do as we build an attractive facility on one of the most traveled roads in our city. Our first permanent home will both dramatically increase our ability to reach northeast Columbia and ultimately enable us to launch multiple campuses throughout the greater Columbia area as we REACH OUR WORLD.



This is an exciting season in the life of our church. Over the past 5 years, GraceLife has grown by an average of 33% each year. Because of that, we are at a pivotal point. 


We’ve had to rent multiple spaces in this warehouse park and now have expanded to three services on Sunday mornings. We’re simply running out of space and times of the day, and the money we’re putting into our rented facility is money we will never get back. On top of that, our location is hard to find and some are never going to consider coming to church in a warehouse park. 


GraceLife has a great legacy of seeing lives changed.


If we want to continue having this impact, I personally BELIEVE—the leaders of GraceLife believe—God is CALLING US to take a crucial step. And THAT IS—to build our first permanent home.


Our new building will be a highly visible and attractive facility on one of the most-traveled roads in our city. It will enable us to reach our immediate northeast community and launch other campuses throughout Columbia. It will give us more than double our current worship space, with an expansion plan to triple that. It will give us great new children’s facilities, and everything will be under one roof.




As a church family, we are sharing a spiritual journey over the next six weeks. This isn’t just about money—it’s about what God wants to do in us and through us. As we take this journey together, one of the best ways to get involved is by joining a Reach Our World LifeGroup. If you have not had the chance to do this, you can check out the small group material by clicking the link and following along.


Ask God what He would want you and your family to do. One of the most exciting and important aspects of the Reach Our World campaign is the opportunity for all of us to grow spiritually. In alignment with the Sunday messages and the small group material, we have developed a personal daily devotional for you. Click the link to download a copy.


This vision is far beyond the ability of any one person or even a select few. This is going to require each of us to give sacrificially above and beyond our normal giving. We all cannot give equal gifts, but we can make equal sacrifice. Remember, everything you keep, you will eventually lose. Everything you give, you will keep forever. Join with us and ask the Lord, "What do you want me/our family to give?" We will all come together to pledge on March 6th.


1-How are we going to do this?

The total project cost is $3.5M. Through the Reach Our World Campaign, we believe we raise $1.5 to $2M as a church family. We will take a mortgage for the remaining amount of $2M or less.

2-Why a mortgage?

It's our goal to be debt-free as a church. However, right now, we're not debt-free. We have a long term lease agreement and a note on the land for our building. Both are debt. The amount we spend each month is already close to the payment on a $2M mortgage. So, ultimately we'll be able to move into the new building and still pay about the same amount each month. We'll take as much increased income as possible and put it toward our mortgage until we are completely debt free!

3-How does the pledge/commitment work?

First, let us state clearly--your pledge is not a debt! It is your intent to give, an act of worship between you and God. The reason for writing it down is to give you a goal to pray for and believe God to do through you. Second, our promise to you is a no pressure, no arm twisting campaign. No one will ever ask you to increase your pledge or tell you "you're behind" on your giving. We want this to be a positive experience for anyone who believes in the vision of GraceLife Church! With that being said, the pledge is what we each intend to give during the 3-year period.  We will make our commitments as a church family on the weekend of March 6th.

4-What's the big deal about the VISION OFFERING on March 13th?

This is the beginning of our 3-year commitment/offering period. The reason for the vision offering at the beginning is to get the project moving as fast as possible. In order to do this, we've received a MATCHING GIFT of $200,000! That means that whatever we can give during March 2016 will be double up to $200K.

5-What are we asking?

If you consider GraceLife to be your home church--or you are simply excited about the vision and want to be part of it--we're asking you to give sacrificially toward this project. You may choose to give either weekly, monthly, annually or a one-time gift.

6-Why 3 years?

First, 3 years gives us time to raise the initial funds needed to start construction, build the building, and then move in. Second, 3 years is necessary for two groups of people: Those with large amounts to give often need longer periods of time to liquidate assets or investments. A 3 year pledge period allows them time to give more significantly. For those who don't have large amounts to give all at once, giving a smaller amount over an extended time makes their gift larger. It also allows them to give more significantly.

7-When will we start construction?

We need about 20% of the project in cash and/or equity.  So, that's around $700,000. As soon as that's in, we'll start ASAP!